Two are better than one...

If either of them falls down the one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Ecclesiastes 4:9a-10


Raising preschoolers was so difficult!  The lack of sleep and the constant activity along with training and disciplining to be decent human being was, at times, a beat down!  When those children walked out the door for their school experiences, a calm washed over me...that lasted nano seconds!  Truly raising students is exhausting in many other ways.  It is the MOST of everything; the most fun and the most challenging; the most happy and the most sad; the most encouraging and the most discouraging.​  As I struggled through mothering these students, I began to look around for support and there was very little.  I was past MOPS and yet I still needed some encouragement.  I determined at that time to create an organization that rises above all stereotypes, takes off all masks, and offers moms a place of rest and encouragement through real discussions.  MOST was born!

MOST (Moms of Students) is an organization created to encourage and support moms of students.  Through monthly meetings and online survival tools, MOST strives to help moms fight

to raise students who love God and have a desire to seek him.  If you are mom of students

who is just a simple girl who needs some support along the way, this is your home. 

Consider joining our group and beginning the journey of walking together

with other moms.

​Come join MOST today!

Kelli Lawrence

A group of moms devoted to encouraging each other through this "MOST" unique phase of raising students.